Refinishing, Repairing, & Refurbishing Your Furniture

B New Restoration is a family-owned wood furniture & cabinet restoration company. We've been stripping, refinishing, custom building, refurbishing, and more for over 40 years. There is no piece too big, small, old, or new that we can't fix for you. B New Restoration has three generations of wood working knowledge and we've maintained a supreme quality of work that cannot be duplicated. Call (501) 847-7484 today for your furniture restoration needs.

We understand it might be inconvenient for you to deliver or ship your furniture because of its size or condition. Don't stress about it. B New Restoration offers delivery and pick-up service. Just ask us about the details when you schedule an appointment at (501) 847-7484.
Chair building — furniture repair in Benton, AR
Wood carving — wood finishing in Benton, AR
Electric jigsaw cutting a piece of wood — wood stripping in Benton, AR
Wood works shelf — furniture repair in Benton, AR

Professional Craftsmanship

  1. The process of refinishing wood furniture is one that cannot be rushed and should be trusted to someone who knows the specifics of the different materials, tools, and chemicals. B New Restoration pours every ounce of care and dedication into making sure each process is executed perfectly. We can even perfectly refurbish your antique furniture. Don't give your priceless, sentimental, pieces to someone who isn't well trained.
Before and After Antique Cabinet — cabinet repair in Benton, AR
We know how to properly strip all types of furniture big or small without damaging your piece. We use two methods for stripping: by hand or vat stripping method. Learn More
If your furniture or other décor is losing its luster or shine, bring it to the professional refinishing experts at B New Restoration. Learn More
Well-built, good-looking cabinets can really make the difference in bringing a kitchen or bathroom together. Let us give you the cabinets you've always wanted. Learn More
B New Restoration can custom build furniture, cabinets, chairs, tables, just about anything you want made of wood. If you have a vision, let us bring it to life. Learn More
There are many different ways we can repair & refurbish your modern & antique furniture from caning and veneer to touch up to clear coat. We can even duplicate parts to replace broken ones. Learn More
We hate to see beautiful pieces get tossed just because of a little burnt wood or discoloration Bring it to B New Restoration for a full restoration. Learn More