Complete Custom-Built Furniture

Wooden chair — furniture repair in Benton, AR
Aside from high-quality finishing and refinishing of furniture, B New Restoration can also build just about anything you need. We provide complete custom building of furniture and even cabinetry. Whether you need a kitchen table, dresser, decorative door, or other pieces, B New Restoration is your No.1 choice for incredible craftsmanship.

Why Go Custom

Big box furniture stores are good for one thing, cranking out sub-par built furniture with the cheapest parts & materials to ensure they can make a profit. And even though the materials are less expensive, the furniture is still very pricey.

Why would you want to buy the same exact end table or dining room set that was poorly constructed and has no originality because there are hundreds like it across the country? Newer furniture will never become the antiques we know today because it is not built to last.

Rocking chair side view — furniture repair in Benton, AR

Custom Made, Custom Quality

When you purchase a custom-built piece of furniture from B New Restoration you know you're getting the best quality wood, the top brand names in stain and finishes, and craftsmanship that only a 3rd generation artisan can provide. Break away from cookie-cutter furniture and let B New Restoration build you something of value that you can use for a long time. Call (501) 847-7484 today.