The Furniture Repair & Refurbish Experts

B New Restoration does all types of repairs from small to large, from broken arms, chair legs, missing drawers or completely breaking a piece apart and rebuilding and more. We use wood glues, epoxy, resin and CA glue to give your piece everything it needs to make it new again.

With some expensive antiques you would not want to completely strip and refinish these family heirloom pieces from the 19th century, as this would destroy the antiquity value of the piece. Our trained staff, determines these pieces can do other methods of refinishing called touch up and clear coat. In this process we sand with various grits of sand paper to remove dents, dings, scratches and gouges. Then we use artistic brushes, blend-all stains and powders and air brushes to maintain its patina. This is sometimes also an option for furniture pieces that are not in need of a complete refinishing but need a new luster which would be less expensive than a complete strip and refinish job.