Professionally Executed Stripping Techniques


Vat Stripping

B New Restoration primarily uses a technique called the flow over system on solid wood pieces. We have a custom built stripping VAT and rinsing system for this process. We flow the chemicals and solvents over the furniture to loosen the crystallized finish from the surfaces of the wood. We do this method because if we completely submerged the furniture in the chemical and solvents it dissipates the glue joints of the piece and loosens the veneer from the substrate. We have a state of the art rinsing system which cleanses the wood and cleans it thoroughly in preparation for the sanding process to ready the piece for the refinishing process.


Hand Stripping

Sometimes VAT stripping is not appropriate for a piece of furniture. Newer furniture pieces which are often composed of MDF and pressed wood may swell and possibly fall apart if exposed to VAT stripping. Delicate furniture pieces often use this process as well. We use a weaker blend of chemical and solvents during the hand stripping process. This helps to protect and preserve your furniture pieces.
Man cleaning a wood — furniture repair in Benton, AR